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About Us

We are a friendly group of people, started in 2000, who like to walk for the benefit of our health and for companionship while exploring various interesting locations in and around Montreal.

Our walks take place on selected Saturday mornings, starting at 9:30 at a convenient Metro station, and usually last about two or three hours. We are not competitive; the pace is as energetic as you wish, all levels and styles of walking are welcome.

We welcome new walkers and encourage anyone interested in the benefits of walking for pleasure and fitness. We hope to provide a means of meeting like-minded individuals.

We often arrange for knowledgeable guides to explain the history, environment or the architecture of the location where we are walking. Contributions and reminiscences from the walkers are encouraged!

When we plan walks outside Montreal, we arrange for a bus: for which the fare is as affordable as possible, based on a group of at least 20 people.

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